American Institute of Chemists--美国化学家学会



  From its earliest days in 1923 to the present, the American Institute of Chemists has fostered the advancement of the chemical profession in the United States.

  The Institute has a corresponding dedication" to promote and protect the public welfare; to establish and maintain standards of practice for these professions; and to promote the professional experience through certification as to encourage competent and efficient service."

  Although these concepts are not peculiar to the chemical professional or the AIC, they should and do represent the profession' s commitment to service -- one which the chemical scientist and engineer undertakes in order to assure the best possible use of science and technology for the good of the community, the nation, and the world at large.

  The AIC engages in a broad range of programs for professional enhancement through the prestigious Fellow membership category, awards program, certification programs, meetings, publications and public relations activities.